Here you have the setting of my whole story of

Threatened Loyalties.

In the background is Vesuvius. Before you are the huts where people hid and where their blood boiled and they died from the volcanic vomit. You see the statue of Balbus at the entrance to his exclusive bathhouse. The ramps down to the beachfront. Above the ramp is Messalina’s house to the left and Alexius’ house to the right.  Ercolano sits on the rest of this exclusive resort city of Rome that is the setting of my book.

This is Alexius’ house inside and his father’s stag-footed table


And next door is Messalina’s house and her entry into her atrium.

In Threatened Loyalties – Life, you attend a party at the infamous Villa of Papyri. Life for Alexia and Messalina gets really scary after this party.

JPaul Getty is like me, he loved Rome and obtained a copy of the ancient papyri of the floorplan and rebuilt the Villa of Papyri in Malibu CA USA. I got to go there and visit this replica. (PS it’s free to go to but you need to obtain free tickets for parking. Don’t miss it.

Threatened Loyalties




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