Rage is out of control:  Yep, this is Julius in most of Red Fury RAGE. Book 2 of my Agricola series. Yep, he’s pissed. Why? Because of Book 1 Red Fury Revolt

You see, he fell in love with a Britanni woman in book one–Red Fury REVOLT and they had a son. And that son was taken from him by Calgacus, who thought that was his son. Well, it was complicated because you see, Calgacus and Rhianna were handfasted and he did not know she was pregnant.

Meanwhile, Morrigan, Rhianna’s sister recovers from nearly being destroyed by Rome and fights her way back to hatred in Red Fury Chrysalis, Revolt’s short story. In Red Fury Rage, book 2, Calgacus has a son that has Rhianna’s eyes and doesn’t look like the other kids. Now, they are calling Colin a freak. Finally, he too is raging. Meanwhile, Julius clashes with everyone for a way back to Britannia to find the man who took his son and kill the bastard who took him. All he wants now is to give Gnaeus the pendant Rhianna gave him that he refuses to take off.

You see both men must face the truths and decide on how to deal with their issues with Gnaeus/Colin.

Now Domitia is raging because Julius will not take that ‘other woman’s necklace off. Boy, does she screw up? And now Julius has a daughter who he thinks is his but he loves that little empress. Jealousy is a wicked master.

Then comes the’ Year of Four Emperors’ and each of which Julius thinks will grant him a chance to return to Britannia and find Gnaeus and kill the bastard who took him. But will they?

In Book 3 — Red Fury REBELLION, takes over the Roman Empire. Julius faces each challenge until it turns on him. Something like what Calgacus faces with the tribes of Caledonia when warriors start raiding tribes, except for the Boresti. Thus making it look suspicious for Calgacus.  (coming early 2022).

Meanwhile, Julius’ mother and her lover have issues. It all began in Rage’s short story….A Roman Affair that ends rather brutally between friends. Suetonius and Valerius have to come to terms with a lot of questions. It is a game of wits. Who is to win this match– Valerius or Suetonius? Find out in Rebellion’s short story. Games Romans Play.

And this is only Season one of the Agricola series.

There is more to come in Season two when Julius, Calgacus, and Colin’s lives merge in the next three books Red Fury books — Return, Retribution? And Wrath.  And their short stories involve Julia growing up, and Lugh and his bag pipe.

We’ve only just started.


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