First comes the pain. Then the pain of caring for the wound. Then the pain of healing that wound. Then the itch as the body covers the wound with a scar.


What I have learned writing Beauty and the Beast, is that both can be physical and emotional. It’s the scarring that seems to hurt the worst. First, it’s the broken flesh to go. Then trust. Then the shattering heart.


First, the flesh heals, leaving tracks in place of what happened. Then the trust bends permanently, like a paper straw. Once bent it never returns to normal but remains usable but broken. Yes, the shattered heart does heal but each shattered piece is glued together by hard flesh called scarring that, in time, may melt softly.


Sticks and stones may break my bones

but words will never hurt me

is a lie!


One of the worst lies ever told. Consider this…God created the universe and man with His words. Words are powerful. Words can create love or destroy love…life.


These words are either said to us or we say them to ourselves. Either way, they build or destroy. They are positive or negative. They are true or untrue. But we hear them. We listen to them. We either believe them or deny them. But they do become what we make them out to be.


This story has revealed just how powerful pain and words are to all of us. None of us are spared. But it’s what we do with this pain or our words, that we tell ourselves. And just as important is what we tell others. We either build or destroy souls, spirits, or dreams with what we speak.


Love one another…

Do unto others as you do unto yourself.


In other words…be kind to others and to yourself.



It’s been a hard write…this story. Chad dealing with his PTSD  and grief. Sierra, who has endured a life of sexual trauma — complex-PTSD, guilt, loss of faith in humanity as well as God. I’ve cried. And laughed. Even giggled in a few places. But most of all, I’ve felt the presence of God, seen the value of angels in our lives, as well as the hell that demons can create.


Wow what a journey. And I’m not done. There is more to confront that’s going to bring happy tears this time. But, I have to admit to a sin that I genuinely enjoyed…blowing up a beautiful, sleek black, private jet. Now, that was fun.


I look forward to sharing Beauty and the Beast with you in 2022. I think you will enjoy this story of pain, healing, hope, and love.

Be someone’s angel today,



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