Garnet and Rose Quartz

By her in January born,

No gem save garnets should be worn.

They will ensure her constancy

Truth friendship and fidelity

What does Connecticut, Idaho, New York, Vermont…Celts, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Anglo Saxons and Victorians have in common you might ask. You guessed it…the garnet. It is the state gem of the states and has been enjoyed by all these nations. Noah was even said to have used a very large garnet to illuminate the ark since it was rather cloudy and rainy outside.

Since garnets are associated with conditions of blood, Indian soldiers went so far as to use garnet bullets. It was thought that they would cause very bloody wounds that wouldn’t heal. Egyptians used garnet to heal snakebites and food poisoning. How? I have no clue. Some people went so far as to use them to avert thunderstorms and protect owners from nightmares. Not sure if or how that worked out either.

Even though garnets come in colors of pink, purple, green, yellow, orange, and brown, (but not blue) it is pictured usually as a dark red, pomegranate or blood-color. Thus, it is associated with matters of heart and blood.

They were at one time thought to cure about anything dealing with, yep… you guessed it… blood. History shows that it was believed garnets could additionally: improve circulation, strengthen the heart, stop palpitations, inflammation, and hormone imbalances.

It is also known as the ‘sex rock’ thought to inspire passion, sexuality, romantic love, intimacy, positive thought energy…in the bedroom I bet…and help relieve depression. Onward… and may cure sexual diseases…doubtful… as well as helping the heart.

Does the garnet stop there…NOOOO. It had been referred to as the ‘love stone’ and is associated with…are you ready for this… faith, friendship, loyalty, truthfulness, calm anxiety, cheer, guidance, improve creativity, and brightens the disposition of those who wear it.

Especially after Covid, whether it can do all this or not, we could all use a garnet. So, buy this gem for your that special person in your life. They and you need all the help this gemstone may offer. It’s obviously a gem of a stone. And those blessed in January get all this and more.

The garnet is known as a semi-precious stone meaning it is medium hard. Not hard like a diamond/10 or soft like an opal/1, a garnet comes in at 7. What this means in everyday terms is that it’s hard enough to be worn every day and do daily chores. It is also easy to clean with soap and water, but do watch out for steam or ultrasonic cleaners. In the end this means when you brush your teeth, you can brush this gem too. It’s obviously a gem of a stone. And those blessed in January get all this and more.

Rose Quartz is also a January birth stone.

This is a cute, sweet pink stone that, like its partner the garnet, it is associated with all forms of love including self-love, mother’s love, caring, kindness and romantic love. Possibly, those who wear this precious gem may garner unconditional love, foster forgiveness and tolerance, and have more balanced emotions.

While garnets are found in Africa, North and South America, Europe and the Middle East, Rose Quartz is usually in Brazil, Madagascar, Scotland, Spain and around the USA.. Garnets are given for the 2nd and 6th wedding anniversaries, while the rose quartz is associated with just the 2nd wedding anniversary. Rose quartz is also semi-precious/7 so you can brush your teeth and clean this one too.

So, if you are born in January, you are off to a great start because these stones are a gem. Pun intended.

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