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I love taking the skeleton of history and putting meat on its bones.

I truly do love bringing history to life. And my Agricola Series does just that.
It is a story of a father’s love…but which one?
Julius – the tortured soul
Calgacus – the golden soul
Colin – the torn soul

season 2 starts n ow

Gnaeus Julius Agricola was a real person who walked the paths of Rome and Britannia. So was Boudica, queen of the Iceni, who led 200,000 warriors against Rome to rid her lands of Roman stench. It didn’t work. I was captured by this magnificent world of Rome versus Celts.

Julius was a Roman tribune in Red Fury Revolt. He was a senator of Rome and interacted with Nero, his Domus Aurea, and the Great Fire in Red Fury Rage. And Julius was present in Rome during the massacre of Christians and Year of Four Emperors in Red Fury Rebellion.

Real-life events inspired Season One of my Agricola series, which also includes many other people who were alive during this time period: Boudica, Calgacus, Suetonius Paulinus, Paul, Peter, Luke, John, and Mary Magdalene, and the future emperors Nerva, Domitian, Vespasian, and Trajan when they were just ordinary citizens.

Season Two is also inspired by the lives of real people. It begins the final pursuit of Julius seeking his son that Calgacus had claimed and named Colin. Where will it end? The Battle of Mons Graupius, of course. Dogs, bag pipes, Roman legions, Caledonii tribes, fury, revenge, love and hatred—it’s all there. Don’t miss it.

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