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 Writing is a craft. An Art. A very serious frustration.

Heart shaped Diamond isolated. rhodoliteBut I love it.

I can’t begin to tell you how much I have learned. But I’ll try.

Often I have compared it to hiking Vesuvius barefoot. And the curves, hills and valleys.



My stories are or will be available here too

My stories are or will be available here too


Avalon Graphics

It’s not so much anymore about just writing a story. It’s so much more. It’s the ‘staging’. Covers and layout, and designs and editing.


 It’s social media and making wonderful friends as you.  And trying to keep in touch.

Social Network Web Signs

And then there is the internet world of websites.

Learn ’em. Build ’em. Update ’em. Rebuild ’em.  It’s endless.

work in progress



And the hope is with all that…you get to write thatcelts

wonderful, delightful story that visits you daily,

begging to be completed.


 If this should keep one young….I”m entering kindergarten.

Little girl drawing


JF Ridgley

award-winning historical fiction/romance author of…Red Fury Revolt, Vows of Revenge, Threatened Loyalties. And be sure to enjoy each novel’s companion short story. Not a teaser Just more at




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