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Okay. I missed NoNoRiMO or November Novel Writing Month. But I did do  this during October by writing my next draft 18Wheeler, and editing Red Fury Revolt.  I have NOT stopped one second since nor do I expect it to. My house is a mess. Christmas cards not filled out. And I have no clue what my hubby wants for Christmas. But I do know what my hero of Red Fury Revolt needs and what my heroine of 18Wheeler  doing and going to do next. After all, I am  a we writer/an Indie. I say that  and smile.

What a treat this is to be asked to by Bob Clary, Community Manager, Webucator,
to share what I’ve gleaned over these last 15+ years of writing with their National Novel Writing Month into December blog in order to help new authors achieve their dreams.

What were your goals when you started writing?

What were my goals when I started on this journey? Get published.   I thought that  the world wanted to read my first manuscript that was 250,000 words or otherwise known as a ‘tome.’ And when an agent suggested that I divide it in half, I knew he had to be out of his mind. Are you kidding? That was like cutting my child in half. (Seriously, I was that naïve.) No matter how nice and polite the agencies and publishers were with their rejections,  I knew they just didn’t see the gem I had written  I’ve learned a lot since then. Long story short, I would not allow you to see that manuscript today if you begged me. How right the agencies and publishers were.

What are your goals now? 

To  learn all I can about this craft. The more I know about this art, I discover just how grueling it is. But I love it. It’s challenging, rewarding, fun, crazy, and exhausting.  Another and more valuable goal is to become a better story teller. This goal is not a destination but a journey. I will never be ‘good enough.’ But I never want the stories to stop roosting in my brain. They keep coming like shoppers on Black Friday. I never know where they come from.  That’s how it usually happens.

My stories are or will be available here too

My stories are or will be available here too

My last goal is to learn this publishing world well enough to share my stories, but do so professionally. Now that comes with learning curves that would challenge any ride in an amusement park. It keeps me broke and out of trouble. There’s never a dull moment.

What pays the bills now?

As for making money as an author, “Don’t quit your day job.’ Yet, I am bringing in a little more each month and that’s reward enough. Being an author is not a well- paying job. Trust me. However, it is possible to become rich, i.e J. K. Rowling, Stephen King. But likely not gonna happen here. I say if you get into this gig expecting thit the mother-load, stop now. Plan for maybe a dinner out at McDonalds. This ‘overnight success’ takes years in the making. You have to love it

Assuming writing doesn’t pay the bills, what motivates you to keep writing?

As I just said, you have to love telling stories (fiction/nonfiction), or want to help people (articles for magazines) There are a lot of smart people willing to share their knowledge in various articles. I’ll leave that to them and stick to my stories because I know my stories and their characters better than anyone else. And new characters and stories just keep coming with storiescelts I have to write or they will drive me nuts with their nagging, and they are just too intriguing to not share them. What’s more, I’m garnering a fans who wants to hear their stories. So I have to keep writing.

What advice would you give young authors hoping to make a career out of writing? 

Deam. Listen to them. They give you reasons to get up in the morning and wear you out all day so you can sleep at night. We are all scared of where they may lead; so as long as they help this world become a better happier place, then follow along.

DSC00991And, when we hear that voice that tells you all your faults, fears, and lies. Don’t listen. Yes, you can do it. Yes, you can share that story. So tell that voice to ‘shut up” and in no uncertain terms. Believe in yourself and realize you are not perfect. No one is. You will make mistakes. You will live, and you will get better, smarter, and happier. Yes, you can enjoy the journey. Never stop learning. Never stop growing. Never stop following your heart.

UPDATE. Christmas cards did get out. c My house is clean now. And my hubby is happy with his presents and so am I. I am still working on 18Wheeler, and Red Fury Revolt Red Fury Revolt(which is now available at Amazon for preorder. It cometh out January 31, 2015- myy mother’s birthday) And  life  still hasn’t slowed down one bit as yet. Red Fury Revolt Amazon pre order page Click here

May you have a blessed and wonderful New Year.

(Question: What happened to the last one?)
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