Learning something new all the time

judy-ridgleyWell, I’ve been playing and have made a few new things to share with you.  And some news to go with it

Foir the Family,my short story to Threatened Loyalties is now available on Amazon in audio  click here    Love you Greta Gorsuch for giving Viceria a voice to her struggle.

What would you do for your family?

For more about For the Family click here


We made another video for  JF Ridgley’s other short story Birth of a Bully .  Ever wonder where bullies come from? How they are made?  It’s really kinda scary.

For more about Birth of a Bully Click here

. Red Fury Rebellion is coming along very nicely. I’m excited to be back to work on Julius and Calgacus again. It feels wonderful. Can’t wait to see it’s video. Honestly, either writing or making a video comes as a surprise everytime. You never know what those characters come up with next.

Let me know what you think. Can’t believe the learning curves  but life never gets boring



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