A gift to the January born….

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“By her in January born,
No gem save Garnets should be worn.
They will ensure her constancy
True friendship and fidelity.” (Walker)

January birthstones- Garnet and Rose Quartz

Heart shaped Diamond isolated. rhodolite
Garnet-Who would want to leave home without this jewel? Noah certainly didn’t. He was said to have used a large Garnet in the ark for illumination because garnets were believed to keep travelers safe. However, for those of you born in January, the garnet is your traditional birthstone. This typically red, orange red, brownish stone varies from colorless to yellow, black, or any color—except blue. It’s known as the sex rock because it is believed to inspire passion, sensuality, sexuality, romantic love, intimacy, positive thoughts, energy, recall past lives, career success, social popularity, and self-confidence.
Because of its color, this dark red gem has long been associated with blood. Indian soldiers were said to use garnet shards to cause bloody, nonhealing wounds. Meanwhile, Celts, Greeks, Romans, Anglo Saxons, and Victorians enjoyed wearing the garnet to improve blood circulation, strengthen the heart, stop palpitations and spilling of the blood. Along with all this, it and was believed to heals inflammations, sexual diseases, and hormone imbalances. Even Egyptians used garnets as an antidote to snakebite and food poisoning as well as others using it to prevent depression, aid hearing…avert thunderstorms and, as legend has it, garnets protect their owners from nightmares.
More about Garnets: it resists breaking, chipping and cracking fairly well because it is a semi hard stone about 7 in hardness (the opal is the softest 1, the diamond being the hardest 10) . It is mostly found in Africa, North America, South America, Europe and the Middle East and is the official mineral of Connecticut, Idaho, New York, Vermont It the second anniversary gemstone.

Precious gem on white background, rose quartz heart

Rose Quartz is a sweet alternative January stone and supposedly enhances all forms of love: self-love, mother love, caring, kindness, and romance. This cute pink gem supposedly emanates with unconditional love, fosters forgiveness and tolerance, and is thought to balance ones emotions and opens the heart. Wiccans supposedly use Rose Quartz for forgiveness
More about the rose quartz: hardness is 7 and is mostly found in Brazil, Madagascar, Scotland, Spain and in the USA.. It is the official mineral of South Dakota. And like the garnet, it iss the anniversary gemstone of the second year of marriage

Along with the garnet and rose quartz being January’s birthstones, the flower for the month is the Carnation, meaning deep love, affection, happiness, fascination, and lasting fidelity. tree: fir, elm, cypress. Horoscope:.capricorn and aquarius.The Aquarius. Spirit animals: Goose and Otter: (For more on spirit animals visit Spirit animals

Happy Birthday and Happy New Year!!


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