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Historical people of the past laughed, cried, loved, hated, cared for and murdered just as we hear on the evening news today. Those things haven’t changed much.

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Vows of Revenge | JF Ridgley

. Roman law of the Early Republic allowed a husband to execute his wife if she disobeyed him but  he could not sell her as a slave. What kind of man would ever put his wife into such a positionFind out in Vows of Revenge

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Where do bullies come from? What creates them? Young Cassius learns this terrible lesson. in Birth of a Bully, . This companion e-short story accompanies Vows of Revenge.




On the same day that Pompeii was buried by ash,HerculThreatened Loyalties: Vulcan's Wrath Series | JF Ridgleyaneum too was buried by Vesuvius by volcanic concrete..


Threatened Loyalties, icaptures this event before Vesuvius blew its top and buried this wealthy seaside town. But not  all is peaceful there. Threatened loyalties and the political underbelly of this historic town is a deadly as the volcano.


One question arose from this story…What can destroy the heart of a innocent Roman mother…Balbus’s mother. Rome was not kind but it was powerful. For the Family is Threatened Loyalties companion e-short story that delves into the ugly world of marriage, children, and love.




Red Fury Revolt | JF Ridgley

The Iceni queen, Boudica’ led a revolt of 200,000 Celtic warriors against 85,000 soldiers of Rome’s infamous legions in A.D.60.. The destruction these warriors left in their wake lingers to this day under the many  British cities as Boudica attempts to wash her land of the Roman stink.

Gnaeus Julius Agricola, an historical character, exzperienced her wrath. So, why would this young tribune want to return Britannia again and again. .  Why would he risk his life, his love, his career?

This Red Fury series confronts a father’s love…but which one. Find out where this obsession leads Julius. and those who love,…and hate…him.


Rhianna and Morrigan Boudica’s daughters…Rhianna and Morrigan, endure totally different fates during their mother’s revolt. One must totally change from an Iceni princess into an a deadly Iceni warrior…Red Fury Revolt’s companion e-short story, The Chrysalis takes you on her journey.


Book two.  Red Fury Rebellion continues Julius’s dream of finally return to Britannia with Rome’s legions. Coming in 2018